Since 1996, the Cinnober Teater company has been introducing new drama text and new musical theatre pieces to the west of Sweden.
In 2010, Cinnober opened a new venue on the west coast capital Gothenburg. There, Cinnober programme  international, as well as national and local works.
Cinnober Teater perform plays which are believed to add to the future of theatre. Through their productions, they have introduced several playwrights to their audiences, some of whom have had their Swedish or Scandinavian debuts with Cinnober. In addition, Cinnober has produced Drama Installations, with sound sculptures by Finnish artist Dan Tommi Hildén.
They have also commissioned original music for several pieces of musical theatre. Recent productions currently on tour are the Njals saga, with music by Atli Ingólfsson (IS) and text and stage design by Ludvig Uhlbors (SE), The Russian Babushka by Vladimir Sorokin (RUS) with music and sound by Dan Tommi Hildén (FI), as well as the new production for 2016, Brandung by Maria Milisavljevic (DE).