Charlotta Öfverholm

“After 25 years they have nothing more to prove. Only the strong longing to be themselves, to mold what means the most to shake the world wordlessly, bottomless and carefree”.

Raw physical dance theatre with depth, irony, brutality and humor. Since 1995 Charlotta Öfverholm has creates over 30 production, which have toured all over the world. She produces tour friendly productions with few and strong artists for touring extensively internationally.

“Explosiveness, absolute stage presence and fierce physical theatre power.” Dagens Nyheter

A project created by Charlotta Öfverholm in 2015, promoting maturity on stage and questioning the norms concerning age and bodies in the field of dance. This project focuses on creating and presenting international productions with dancers over 45 by well known choreographers, workshops for people over 65, festivals and seminars on the subject. Age on Stage is the Swedish part of the European project “Dance on, Pass on, Dream on” including nine other dance companies and institutions in eight different countries in the EU.


On repertory

IN A CAGE OF LIGHT – Charlotta Öfverholm and DV8 colleague Jordi Cortes are premiering their new work that throws you into a physical world with fast changes between humour and darkness with live music by Lauri Antila at Orion Theatre in Stockholm.

Premiere 5-9 January 2022. 

I want be close to you. Don´t get too close! Stay away! Please come closer… Please, let me hold you. One day we are gone forever. Trust me! Who does even deserve your trust?

PROSTHESIS – “You can check out at any time, but you can never leave…” by Charlotta Öfverholm. September 7 at Royal Dramatic Theater, Stockholm. Watch a trailer here.

STORIES – A life cabaret Presenting 22 mature people over the age of 65, September 8 at Royal Dramatic Theater, Stockholm.

LUCKY – One woman show by Charlotta Öfverholm. A technically drilled primal force that gives us hands-on perspective on life. Stockholm Fringe September 3-7. Watch a trailer here.

SURVIVAL KIT – 2 duets and a concert! : LIGHTHOUSE by Sharon Fridman and award winning BEAUTY AND THE BEAST by Martin Harriague with live music.

SHOW TO BE TRUE – By Johannes Wieland. 8 flawless dancers, a collaboration with the Dance On Ensemble. Watch a trailer here.


CHECKING OUT – a film made by Charlotta Öfverholm and Anders Larsson. A surrealistic dance theatre film, placed in a hotel, where the behaviours of the guests and employees make them all suspected of a crime, which is being investigated by a detective, who actually is searching for the meaning of life. Featuring Magnus Krepper, Elena Fokina, Charlotta Öfverholm, tobias Hallgren, Lauri Antila, James Friedman and more.

“You can check out at anytime, but you can never leave”

DANCE OR DIE – documentary about Charlotta Öfverholm by Anders J. Larsson. Scandinavian House NYC October 5.
BARA DANSA by Anders J. Larsson celebrating maturity. Scenkonstbiennalen May 17 Scandinavian House NYC October 5.