Byström Källblad



The duo Byström Källblad makes work for the stage, the gallery and the public space. Artist Helena Byström and choreographer Anna Källblad share a desire to tell stories from and based in collaboration and exchange with specific places and their people.

Byström is a visual artist from the north, working mainly with film and sculpture, Källblad is a choreographer from the south, with ten years in Los Angeles. Byström and Källblad have shown work in places like a sports arena, a nuclear power plant, Dansens Hus in Stockholm, Shibuya Crossing Tokyo, Sakakini Art Centre Ramallah, Stockholm City Hall, Uppsala Cathedral, Kulturhuset, The Royal Dramatic Theatre, and the Modern Museum in Stockholm.

Mare Tranquillitatis – Sea of Tranquility
The title comes from a map from 1651 of the moon seas by the Italian astronomers Grimaldi och Riccioli. The moon moves the ocean, how does the ocean move us? A dance performance, a reaction to a rapidly changing environment, explores the human relationship to the sea. Rather than seeking new places for life in outer space, how about the ocean as a new dancing/living environment? Not as a contemporary Atlantis, even if elements of that story can filter in, rather out bodies there as organisms among others, retrieving the history of life. Can we make a human restart? On a natural stage of rock and ocean, a sinking and leaking premiered October 9 2021 in Skärhamn Tjörn municipality performing arts festival Avtryck. Supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Astrid  premier July 2022 Brategården, Bråfors bergsmansby
Film installation with young women from Norberg and with traces of memories from female history from the area. It takes place in the very room Fanny Brate painted her daughters hundred years ago in the painting Namnsdag (a day celebrating one’s name), now exhibited at the National Museum in Stockholm as part of the permanent collection. The young women, as Fanny’s daughters did, prepare for a celebration. Anticipation and waiting blend with small talk of wishes and ideas about a party. The framework of the space, its reference to the painting by Fanny Brate, the storytelling of historical women from Norberg, the naming of names, all blend in a poetic reflection of female visibility, through history and now. Commission by Region Västmanland.
City Horses
In our cities, on bronze horses, proud kings quietly stare above our heads. Their history and visual male dominance daily manifested and passed on to the next generation. Where are the women and their stories?

This was the starting point for City Horses – a city choreography with twenty female dancers about power, existence and the female body in the public space, a gallop through cities, a living monument in constant motion, celebrating female courage and power of all ages. Since the premiere 2017 in Stockholm with Dansens Hus, City Horses has toured all over Sweden and to Denmark and Australia. Supported by the City of Stockholm, Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm County Council.

Blånagla Art Fest
Site-specific dance performance, music and art installations in the old community dance barn in Orrviken, Husum in August 2014-2021. Blånagla Art Fest explores the transition from the Industrial Age and manual labour into the work-life of today in a bruksort, a town built in the early 1900s around a factory. When local owners are replaced by an international corporation, robots for men and women, how is local identity and life affected or transformed, for people living now and memories of the past? Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Västernorrland, and Paper workers union.

Hallonbergen Stories / Så här eller så här eller så här
A participatory art dance project for libraries. From movement to text. Writing through dance. An interactive dance installation Så här eller så här eller så här for public libraries. Commission by Region Stockholm and Sundbybergs stad 2020.


Dance performances: City Horses, Mare Tranquillitatis, Blånagla solo/duo

Film installations: Astrid, Blånagla, Swept Away, Jag är inte så mycket det där skummet

Interactive dance installation for libraries: Hallonbergen Stories/Like this like that