Arja Tiili Dance Company

Arja Tiili Dance Company is a ground-breaking and unprejudiced dance group that combines dance with other performing arts. The group produces bold, politically aware pieces and workshops, which open up different ways to see and experience the world.

“I like to mix up and confuse with my performances”

-Arja Tiili A critical point of view to community and society, in which we live in, is important. Arja Tiili Dance Company’s most important goals are to renew dance and theatre, to support multiculturalism and to fight racism. Arja Tiili’s works baffle, frighten, awaken, thrill and make one laugh! Arja (b.1972) is a Finnish choreographer whose works are eclectic collisions of styles and traditions, bravely mixing genres from breakdance to contemporary dance and martial arts, from political theatre and rapping to video art. She has a knack for revealing the most intimate, secret traits of the human spirit. Her work often depicts our dark side: madness, violence, loneliness, greediness… but always with a sense of humour that is recognizable.

“My performances are destined to everyone with own thoughts and emotions.”

-Arja Tiili


Break the Fight – I was Here! (2015) Break The Fight! I was here is a thematic performance that deals with power games and power struggles. The piece evokes some of the following questions: What separates us? What brings us together? What exactly do weakness and strength mean? What does it take to become oneself and to be oneself? The performance is about daring to be oneself and to accept each other the way we are. We all share the same emotions. We may look different, speak different languages and have different beliefs but could being different also be a possibility?

Touring personnel: 3 dancers, 1 rap-artist and 2-3 technical staff Stage requirement: 8X8X5m.

”Arja Tiili’s Break the Fight – I was here! brings along original message of breakdance against violence and racism. This is a performance, that every school should order in their fight against school bullying.”

– Hufvudstadsbladet 28.3.2015

All Matters – No Escape (2011)

“Arja Tiili’s dance piece is important. Definitely. If I could decide, quite many should go and see this and think about the nature of power and it’s usage. Too often it’s used wrong.”

– Helsingin Sanomat

”Succesfull dramaturgy thickens pressing feeling towards the end, when nobody in the audience surely isn’t without an opinion. Those who has a voice and a possibilty to talk, should in name of humanity use their power of speech. All Matters- group does that: they don’t just speak, but they tell us, proclame and shout us people to wake up.”

– Helsingin Sanomat

Touring personnnel: 4 dancers, 1 rap-artist/dj and 2-3 technical staff Stage requirement: 9X9X5m.