Andersson Dance

photographer: Göran Hallberg

Goldberg Variations
photographer: Peter Dibdin

Meet the choreographer

Andersson Dance is an alternating constellation of artists in the field of dance collaborating with choreographer Örjan Andersson, based in Stockholm, Sweden. During 2014 and 2015, the company is developing and touring a number of disparate choreographic creations, all focusing on commissioned and live-music collaborations. Andersson Dance is analogous to choreographer Örjan Andersson’s artistry and a language derived from vastly different experiences of creating choreographic works. This language and his fascination with space and the amount we take hold of has been and is still in focus. Whatever the context, this aspect of Örjan Andersson has been the common denominator – movement in space and time. Early on, he received opportunities to create choreography for large national and international institutions. This provided an opportunity to develop his language and his view for the larger stages. It was at this time, that Örjan Andersson founded Andersson Dance.