KORDA Art in Motion Dance Company

Choreography, Dance, Music, Image, and Film productions

Linda Forsman, Lou T Lundqvist, and Håkan Blomkvist established KORDA Art in Motion in Stockholm 1987. Since 2013 the home base is deep in the forest in southeast Dalarna close to the region of Gävleborg (SE).

KORDA creates new dance pieces every season for indoors and outdoors, theatres and galleries. In a flow of dance, music, image, and film relating to animals, objects, visual art, nature, text, and in one with the audience.

Linda Forsman: Choreographer / Dancer
Lou T Lundqvist: Set/Lightdesigner/Composer/Visual Artist
Kerstin Abrahamsson: Dancer
Matilda Bilberg: Dancer
Rebecka Carlsson: Dancer
Musician: Markus Lindmark – Piano


The Child – Choreographed Book
With Lena de Veen, author, and journalist. Dance piece based on her début novel ”This short moment”. A co-production with Lena de Veen, author, and journalist.
Premiere: 2021-10–21 in Folkets Hus, in Hofors, Dalarna – in Sweden.

Solos for Grand Piano
Linda Forsman: Choreographer / Dancer
Lou T Lundqvist: Set/Lightdesigner
Elise Einarsdotter: Composer /Musician
Premiere: 2022-10–27 in The Peoples House, Theatre, Hofors
Touring premiere: 2023-02-16 Gävle Theatre

A NEW PIECE – 2023
A new piece in collaboration with choreographer/dancer Brandon Collwes, New York (Brandon Collwes is a former Merce Cunningham dancer). 
Dance Performance in The Garden. Premiere 28 July 2023 at 19.00.
Playing: 28/7, 29/7, 30/7, 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 11/8, 12/8, 13/8 – 19.00
28 Jul 2023 – 13 Aug 2023

In Gallery Klingbyggningen
9 July 2023 – 3 Sep 2023
Open Wednesday – Sunday 13.00 – 16.00

Choreography / Movements: Linda Forsman
Lou T Lundqvist: Setdesigner
Dancers: Linda Forsman, Elisabeth Christine Holt, Hanna Röckner
Musician: Markus Lindmark – Piano
Musician: Emelie Sjöström – Percussion
Musician: Johannes Bergmark – Own invented instruments

HIRUNDO – 2021
HIRUNDO is the swallow’s specific name and in the performance swallows, tilia cordata, grass, trees, hummingbirds, foxes, climate changes, and life experiences give information to the piece. Choreography in three parts by Linda Forsman.

Part One – Energy and Power
Choreography / Movements: Linda Forsman
Solo Jonathan D Sikell
Duo Kerstin Abrahamsson and Jonathan D Sikell.
Electro Acoustic music / Setdesign: Lou T Lundqvist

Part Two – Silence – Trees 
Choreography / Movements: Linda Forsman
Dancers: Linda Forsman, Kerstin Abrahamsson and Jonathan D Sikell
Setdesign: Lou T Lundqvist

Part Three – Joy – Meetings
Choreography / Movements: Linda Forsman
Dancers: Linda Forsman, Kerstin Abrahamsson,
Jonathan D Sikell.
Music live on piano: Andreas Wartel.

HABIBI-HABIBTI-AZIZAM – my love – 2015
The dance is like the ocean, the wood, our friendship, the garden, Earth – our earth, the only earth we have – suddenly everything can be lost.

Choreography / Movements: Linda Forsman
Dancers: Linda Forsman, Matilda Bilberg, Jimmie Larsson
Electro Acoustic music  / Setdesign: Lou T Lundqvist

STRAHERE – Moving with Nature – Dancefilm – 2019
STRAHERE – Artwork by Lou T Lundqvist
Artwork from inside the physical experience, where movements, dance, and choreography streams, falling, rolling, catching…

STRAHERE  – gets its information from the body, nature, animals, silence, trees, the garden, the waterfall,- vertical, horizontal, close to the earth, in the air…

Electro Acoustic Music  / Visual Art / Photo: Lou T Lundqvist
Choreography / Movements: Linda Forsman
Dancers:  Matilda Bilberg, Jimmie Larsson