Kari Hoaas Productions

Kari Hoaas Productions was established in 2005 by choreographer Kari Hoaas, upon returning to Oslo after more than a decade working in New York.

Her complex and engaging performances allow for ambiguity and contradiction, while retaining a profoundly human expression connected to the larger culture. The work evolves in the conflicts between abstract and literal dance, physicality and theatrical expression, and spans from intimate solos to larger group productions.

Kari is dedicated to exploring the boundaries of contemporary dance, through an experimental approach and inclusive layering of disciplines. The need to subvert established dance traditions, while retaining and refining this embodied knowledge, drives her physical and choreographic explorations.

Productions available and touring this season are Be like water (2015) a physical and poetic dance performance for six distinct dancers, exploring water, and the conflicts that arise between individual need, interdependence and dependency; On the desperate edge of now (2013) a physical dance performance for five men, described as a “Fragile masterpiece” by dance critic Lars Elton; and One (2013) an intimate solo for and by Kari Hoaas, created in recognition of the continuous global struggle for women´s rights.


Be like water (2015)
Created with the fear of the impending man-made apocalypse of climate change as a backdrop, choreographer Kari Hoaas has chosen to work within a poetic and impressionistic vein, exploring physical, emotional, ritual, scientific and social themes of that basic element of all life: water.

“The Ocean is roaring, the dancers roll over each other, try to get up, grabbing each other, supporting, fighting, hugging, struggling. Thoughts go to drowning refugees in the Mediterranean, or to John Akomfrahs video work “Vertigo Sea”… Somehow it feels hopeful.”
– Karin Krämsby, Danstidningen, Sweden.